5 Proven LinkedIn Hacks To Implement Now For Immediate Results

As another week commences…

I’m curious to know if this question is on your radar – your action list for the week ahead?


How many Linkedin connections am I committed to speaking with this week? 


Unfortunately, for most – it probably hasn’t even been a distant thought.

Sad really.

Considering, a large number of businesses (and consumers) who have major challenges right now …AND would love your help to solve them. So, what’s the answer?

I have an idea that’s possibly insane. But I’m going to throw it your way anyway.




1. REVIEW YOUR PROFILE: Does it speak to your target audiences biggest problems and challenges?

2. CRAFT A MESSAGE: Ask your connections a question – focus on engagement (not the typical, buy my sh#t message).

3. START SENDING: 5, 25,50 per day – start small if you need too – consistency is what matters.

4. PICK UP THE PHONE: Schedule a “real” conversation with those who respond.

5. FILL YOUR PIPELINE: Qualify out quickly! So you can follow up and nurture your quality leads with the view of helping them to buy.


There you have it!

A simple (and proven) method you can implement right now to experience immediate results.

Get implementing…

John Bellamy

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