Working by the beach in the afternoon has become a ritual of mine over the past few months, here’s why…


Because I’m an early riser (4:00am) and I pack my mornings with internal meetings, client, and prospecting calls, I quite often find that by mid afternoon my brain starts to fatigue – typically around 2:30pm.

So, in order to maximise my day (efficiencies and effectiveness), I started experimenting with different actions to see what was most conducive to my make up.

I tried many things…



…Pushing through

You name it, however, I found that whilst these all gave me an uplift in activity, they tended to spike, then left me feeling tired again.


That one magical day, when I said stuff it I’m going to a cafe next to the beach, having a beer and see what comes up.

4-months on, I’ve found that this has been a great investment in myself and my business.

Here’s how I spend my time…

Essentially, I block out time, each afternoon (2:30pm – 5:00pm) and refocus in on myself and the direction I want to take my business.

I have no preconceived ideas for how I invest this time and as a result, everyday tends to be different.

…Some days I catch up on my emails,

…Others I’m looking at our team and planning our next hires, 

…Today, I was working on my new eGuide (I wrote 21 pages of text)

Like I said, my aim here is to naturally get in the flow and work with what comes to me that day.  I get that this may sound weird to some of you, and, all I can say, is that it works for me.

Consider this…

Now, I’m not suggesting you follow in my footsteps.

I am, however, sharing this with you as I feel that so many business owners, like myself, often get caught up in the day to day grind.

…AND it’s only when you understand your makeup, your most productive hours (biomechanics), that you truly get in flow and take your message and contribution to the next level.

As always, I trust you find this of value and welcome your feedback… ?

John Bellamy

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John Bellamy

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