You guessed it…


So, why am I sharing this with you?

Well, as you probably already know, I love messaging.

…Email Messaging

…LinkedIn Messaging

…Facebook Messaging

AND chances are…Because we are connected (you’re reading this) – you’ve probably experienced a message (or two), from me over the years – particularly via LinkedIn.

Like it or not – it works – really well.

Fact is.

Messaging consistently fills my calendar with qualified appointments each and every week.

This said.

Let’s change gears and talk Facebook messaging for a minute.

Facebook Messaging…

Now, although most people I speak with have had some experience with Facebook – particularly the ads platform, many are yet to try out messaging from the platform.

Crazy right!

Funny enough, when I ask why (and I do), most simply say:

…They’re confused,

…Not sure if it will work for them, and

…Have no idea where / how to get started.

Let’s change that!

Here’s how…

When it comes to messaging, there are really two options (in my opinion).

Option 1 – Automated Messenger Bots

Option 2 – Manual Messaging

Now I’m not going to get into the debate about which one is better or worse. Reality is, they both have a place in your overall marketing strategy.

How do you get started with Facebook Messaging?

There are many ways to get started.

…Watch a YouTube Video,

…Engage a Consultant,

…Buy a course, plus

…Many, many more.

To keep things simple, however, plus give you an inside look at how a messenger bot can be deployed, easily…

The below image is an example flow of a simple messenger bot flow made with ManyChat (The platform I use). It’s designed to initiate a conversation with a prospect, then leads them into additional follow up.

Some automated. Some manual.

If you want to test it out for yourself (get a feel for it), do so by clicking here.


If you want to test it out for yourself (get a feel for it), do so by clicking here.

To cut short my long story — I could go on for days about messaging.

The best thing to do is to simply give it a go.

Now, I don’t mean jumping in blindfolded, without a net …and hoping for the best.

Instead, start brainstorming some ideas around where and how you could use messaging, particularly a messenger bot in your business.

…AND, if you’ve got questions and would like to chat with me about them, personally – then simply click here and ask away – I’m happy to help.

Anyway, I’ll leave it there for now – to avoid any overwhelm that may be creeping up.

Have fun. Fall in love with messaging like I have, and talk soon.

John Bellamy

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John Bellamy

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