So, I’m at airport, waiting for my plane back to the Gold Coast after an incredible two days in Sydney.

This trip has been amazing and once again, has reconfirmed to me my long-held belief that – CONVERSATIONS ARE EVERYTHING!

Let me explain…

Over the past 2-days, I’ve spoken with a diverse group of leaders from Graincorp, had coffee with a number of clients, worked with Tania Allen – my franchise consultant …PLUS entered into initial conversations with potential franchisees.

Now, you’re probably thinking… Well, that sounds great for you John, BUT, why should I care? What’s in it for me?

Here’s The Magic …PLUS How You Can Leverage It!

When it comes to business, the difference between success and mediocre lies in your actions.

AND the most powerful action (in my opinion) you can take, is being laser focused on the number of valuable conversations you have, each and every day.

Fact is, the number one reason businesses fail nowadays, isn’t because of under capitalisation – it’s because of the lack of conversations the business owner and their sales team are willing to have, period.

So, what actions can be taken to rectify this?

5 Surefire Ways To Unleash More Magic (And Profit) From Your Conversations

  1. Belief in your product or service: If you don’t have an undeniable belief that your product or service is of huge value to your prospects – your future customers, then you actually doing them the greatest disservice ever.
  2. Get curious! You must fall in love with digging deep. Discover what makes your clients tick, what their problems and challenges are. This is when you will become of great service to your clients.
  3. Who do you know who? One of the most powerful questions you can ask in any conversation you have.  Try it out when you’re next having a conversation – ask the other person… Who do you know who is having the same problem/challenge you are? You’ll be amazed at the result!
  4. Be creative! Have fun with your conversations. After all, if you’re not at play – it’s just hard work, and nobody enjoys hard painstaking work.
  5. The power of 25: I was taught about the power of 25 back in my recruitment days.  Essentially, make it your mission every day, to reach out and have a conversation with 25 people.  Expect to see a spike in your results (and wallet).

There you have it. If like me, you have a desire to grow a quality business, influence thousands (if not millions) of people and care enough about your future customers to ensure a win-win-win outcome – then I’m confident you’ll resonate with this message.

So, what’s your next step?

Who’s on your call list today?

It’s time for you to get into action.  It’s time for you to begin another quality conversation, now!

John Bellamy

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John Bellamy

As a Keap Certified Partner and Direct Response Marketer, I actively work with successful small business owners helping them fix their follow-up and close more deals by implementing better marketing, sales and systems automation.

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