John Bellamy

Marketing, Sales & Systems Automation Specialist
For Small Business Owners

“ Most business owners suck at follow-up.  I help you master your follow-up by implementing quality marketing, sales and system automation. ”

Hi, I'm John Bellamy. I hope we can connect, soon!

As a Keap Certified Partner and Direct Response Marketer, I actively work with successful small business owners helping them fix their follow-up and close more deals by implementing better marketing, sales and systems automation.

Fact is... Most small business owners struggle to generate consistent, profitable returns from their marketing and advertising efforts. 

Via my speaking engagements, consultancy services and Inner Circle program I help small business owners gain the clarity and confidence to make better business decisions. 

I'd love to connect with you by one of the methods below and discover how we may be able to help you too.

Client Testimonials

Lift Inner West

"If I hadn't have done all the things that I've done with Keap and with you …I feel like the business would have definitely started to drop back. Whereas now we've doubled the business since January this year."

Kris Mount

Wealth Investment Properties

"John and his team have an innate ability to determine the best approach to promoting your business. Their ability to advise and communicate the required actions to achieve social media success is of immense value to my business."

Tim Kowaliw

The Executive Connection

"...In under 12-months, we reduced our cost per lead by 35% & increased our conversions. We now have a marketing & sales system that produces predictable results..."

Sandy Haythorn


"...We have launched several campaigns with John, which have proven to be successful financially. Pyrosales highly recommends John Bellamy and his team..."

John Shanahan

Helping Small Businesses Succeed
Customers served! 1000 Connections
Customers served! 1000 Presentations
I'm on a mission to positively contribute to 30,000 Small Businesses by 2026.  The numbers above help me keep focused on my goal.

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